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Why TradeDay? 

Straightforward Rules, One Step Evaluation

Fair Profit Targets & fair drawdowns

Drawdown calculated at end of day

No restrictions on withdrawls

Trade Day + OrderFlow Labs

Professional Experience
TradeDay set out to create a ‘virtual trading room‘, an environment that offers as close as possible the advantages professionals have when they sit at their trading desk in a proprietary trading group, hedge fund, or bank, along with the ability to fund those with successful strategies.
Custom Rates
OrderFlow Labs Members enjoy benefits of exclusive discounts with TradeDay. 
The Team
TradeDay has over 80 years of experience in the futures industry, including many, many years of successful trading, as both full-time and part-time traders. We have mentored and managed trading teams, built professional trading groups, and educated hundreds in the art of trading. 
Tools to Help You Succceed
TradeDay brings professional experience with risk management, trader growth and live capital to trade with. OrderFlow Labs brings you the tools to help you execute your strategy. 

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