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Order flow based tools that help you gain confidence, reduce screen time and develop your edge.

Don't watch the video below, UNLESS you are ready to have your mind blown. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

What is OrderFlow Labs?

We are a collective of die-hard traders and have developed tools to help both experienced and newer traders breakdown Orderflow into actionable information. Our goal is to help you reduce screen time, gain confidence and refine your trading edge.

Our Studies

Job Pivot

Inventory analysis for buy/sell control with target range extension.

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Exhaustion Absorption

Helps you identify when conditions are favorable for buying or selling.

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Buy and Sell Zones

Automated drawing of buy and sell zones on the chart based on retracement.

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Job Pinch

Helps you identify a directional imbalance with respect to price.

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Delta Dominance

Easily identify the direction and strength of the market trend.

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Reconstructed Tape

We made the default bubble study tool more actionable by normalizing the bubble sizing and coloring.

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Session Delta Pivot (SDP)

Provides the range for the current trading session to easily identify support and resistance.

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Session Delta Pivot (SDP) History

40,000 foot view of aggressive buyers and sellers in the market.

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Weekly Delta Pivot (WDP)

Tracks historical aggressive auction data and predicts a range for the upcoming week.

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Great, but how do I get these studies?

So glad you asked. Keep scrolling to see your subscription options.

Subscription Options

I'm a Sierra Chart Pro, just give me the studies.

You are an established Sierra Chart trader and just want access to OrderFlow Labs custom studies, pre-built chartbooks and are good with self-guided instructional videos and walkthrough guides.

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I know Sierra Chart but I want to go ALL IN with OFL.

You already know your way around Sierra Chart but you want access to the OrderFlow Labs trader community, the OFL founders, weekly outlooks and access to our beta stuff.

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I want the studies and need help learning Sierra Chart.

If you already trade but aren't familiar with Sierra Chart but want to learn the platform and use our custom studies, plus all of the OF Lifestyle package, you'll want this option.

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The tools from OrderFlow Labs help me visualize critical market activity, allowing me to focus more on trade entries & exits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, these tools will change the way you look at intraday market participation. They are a staple on my charts.

– Horse @Michigandolf

OrderFlowLabs has become the backbone of my process. It has given me the tools to identify market structure along with the execution tools needed to refine my entries. As a new trader Orderflow can be daunting to read. OrderFlow Labs presents this visually and was the turning point in my trading.

– Rainin @RaininNz

After over 30 yrs in the business , it is refreshing to find the group of individuals who are behind OFL. They have created a set of tools to allow for quick reference guides to the micro process behind the scenes, that allows for great order execution , while still focusing on the intraday/Weekly macro picture. If you aren't using these tools day in and day out, you are really missing out on some great opportunities.

– Wyatt @Casharb1

My patience has improved. I wait for the right setups instead of FOMO'ing / entering trades late, the tools have helped improve my understanding and application of orderflow concepts.

– Debo @MadDog_20_20

This Orderflow Labs product has been the best tool in accelerating my learning progress. It inspires me to find out more about my own trading strategy. I have been able to go beyond my limit knowing my strength and weakness. I’m still improving everyday.

– Spxdong @spxdong

Keeping emotions in check has been an extremely taxing draw on my progress. I was in need of a systematic approach where confluence of tools provided high probability setups. OF Labs has allowed me to remove overthinking entry location while removing the emotional aspect

– Pasco @pasco27one

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