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Reconstructed Tape
Reconstructed Tape

Reconstructed Tape



What is it?

The Reconstructed Tape is a more visual way to view the time and sales activity through a bubble chart, what is very unique about the bubble study that we have built is that the bubble sizes are adjusted based on previous activity so that they are sized in alignment with the current market conditions, and also there is special coloring for sizing outside of the normal market conditions, this allows you to be aware of normal buying and selling and also aggressive buying and selling

How to use:

This tool is used to have a visual aid to a normal time and sales study, it can be quite helpful in visualizing very aggressive buying or selling, responsive buying or selling or exhaustion. You are able to customize the colors based on your preference and also the bubble size.


The reconstructed tape is not a fixed size per trade size, it is dynamically adjusting the bubble size based on the current market conditions. This simplifies how you may view what is occurring since the activity is relative to the previous activity for sizing.