OrderFlow Labs


General Questions

What platform do I need to use OrderFlow Labs?

Sierra Chart with Advanced Package 11 (also preferable to have Denali data).

Will you develop on other platforms?

We may offer other platforms in the future.

How will I get access to the custom studies after I sign up?

We provide our study collection via Sierra Chart, once you sign up you will receive instructions on how to give us your SierraChart username so that we can add you to the study collection.

Is there a commitment?

We offer different packages of varying levels, please review our packages page to see our offerings.

What is the return/refund policy?

We are committed to ensuring our studies work and have appropriate educational content on how to set them up with the optimal settings. If you are unhappy, please contact support.

How do I get access to the Discord?

After you checkout you will receive instructions on how to get invited to the support server.

Will I get access to new studies that you develop and how often are those released?

We are always developing new studies, we currently have about 5 studies in beta and 10 in the pipeline for new creation. If you subscribe to the Lifestyle Trader or New Trader Plan, you will get beta access to pre-release studies.

Where do I get instructions on how to set these studies up?

Our discord server has instructional content with screenshots, written documentation as well as videos. You will receive an invite to our support server after you have signed up.

What products will these studies work on?

We have been using our studies the most popular futures markets like ES/NQ/CL/GC/UB, upon sign up you will receive chartbooks and optimal settings for ES and NQ. Some adjustments do need to be made for different markets, many of those will be shared on our discord support server.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support in the #helpdesk channel in Discord or you can email support at support@orderflowlabs.com.

Do you offer a free trial period?


Is this a trading room?

No, our discord community has the EDU content you’ll need to get set up, for our OF Lifestyle package you will get additional content including a weekly outlook, chartbooks and monthly webinars.